Lars Ingvarsson

Lars Ingvarsson, a doctor of engineering and associate professor at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), has been a very significant figure in the development of expertise and technology in the area of roll forming. His research in the 1970s on the presence of internal stresses and their effects in the cold forming of steel laid the foundation for the software known as ORTC - Optimized Rollforming Technology Imperfections Calculated. Lars was employed by SSAB in Borlänge in 1978 and soon came into contract with roll forming, an area in which he is today a prominent figure on the international scene.  ORTIC started in 1984, under the ownership of SSAB, and Lars Ingvarsson bought out the company in 2000. Lars is now happily retired, and spends most of his time in Spain. Quotation: "There’s now a new generation of engineers who have new software that I can't keep up with." But at regular intervals he visits ORTIC in Borlänge to share his vast experience and knowledge.

Over the years, Lars has received many awards for his innovative technological know-how:


The Polhem Prize 2005

Lars Ingvarsson was awarded the 2005 Polhem Prize, a prestigious inventor's prize awarded every two years, consisting of a gold medal and a sum of money (SEK 125,000). Lars solved the problem in his bathroom, when he was trying to hold onto a wet bar of soap. Six months later he had developed a machine capable of forming high-strength steel in three dimensions. Notable inventors such as Baltzar von Platen and Hannes Alfvén have previously won the prize, which was established in 1878.

The jury's citation read: 

"In recent years Lars Ingvarsson has developed an advanced technology for using roll forming to form steel sheet into double-curved profiles of variable sectional shape, i.e. 3D structures.  The technology is well suited for forming the high-strength steel sheet of tomorrow, whether of carbon steel or stainless steel. The technology was successively used to build several of the arenas at the Summer Olympic Games in Athens in 2004."


Silver Beam 2005

Lars Ingvarsson was awarded the Silver Beam (Silverbalken) by the Swedish Institute of Steel Construction on Steel Construction Day on 27 October 2005 in Malmö.

The jury's citation read:

"With his work Lars Ingvarsson has laid the foundation for a further expansion of the use of steel as a structural material. With ingenuity, know-how and the ability to turn ideas into action, Lars has developed a new method for roll forming curved profiles of variable cross-section. This method further accentuates the properties of steel as a material from both an aesthetic and a production engineering perspective."


Businessperson of the Year in Borlänge in 2005

Lars Ingvarsson received the award for Businessperson of the Year in Borlänge in 2005. The jury’s citation stated that ORTIC’s new methods for roll forming “have put Borlänge on the map”.


Swedish Steel Prize – honourable mention 2004

In addition to the four winning candidates, the jury for the 2004 Swedish Steel Prize chose to give an honourable mention to ORTIC for having developed a method together with the German company Bemo Systems GmbH for fabricating high-strength steels by roll forming double-curved profiles with variable sectional shape.